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Rapid prototyping at H T Brigham adds value for customers  


The benefits of 3D printing have been widely reported; fast, low-cost and kind to the environment. This rapid prototyping allows working concepts to be ruled in or out more quickly, speeding up the development process and reducing the project lead time as a whole. 



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Function often relies upon design detail, so it’s imperative that the design of your metal stamping is 100% accurate with no margin for error.

With decades of design experience, our team will be happy to help with any pressings or stampings enquiry that you may have. Perhaps the design of an existing metal pressing could be improved for more efficient manufacturing or an alternative material choice may enhance product performance. Alternatively, it could be that by combining processes during manufacture, we can achieve a better end result, more cost-effectively. Maybe, your project is in the early concept stages and you need the advice to see if pressing is a viable route of manufacture for your component, we will be happy to brainstorm the options with you. 

Engineers can solve any presswork related challenge

Highly efficient and extremely cost-effective

Components are trusted by global brand leaders

We are happy to help with any pressings or stampings enquiry

With finely tuned metal stamping skills, our engineers can solve any presswork-related challenge, producing bespoke parts via the most efficient and cost-effective route possible. From prototype fabrication to prove a design to high volume metal stamping manufacture, our goal is to make your job easier, meeting the brief, achieving business objectives, turnaround and delivery schedules, and of course, budget.

As a strategic supplier to first-tier automotive manufacturers and a wide range of other demanding industries, H T Brigham can help to achieve the best result for your next presswork project. By getting involved during the initial stages of a customer project, our engineers can help to determine how the desired end product can be most effectively achieved. Various techniques including computer simulation and rapid prototyping can greatly assist with this process and fast-track the product development phase. This can give our customers a real competitive edge and set them apart within their own markets.

We strive to ‘stamp down’ on costs or attain a better result wherever possible and will make recommendations for your metal pressings project accordingly. So, if you need metal pressing design expertise look no further. We’ve been manufacturing high-quality precision metal stampings for over 70 years and our components are trusted by brand leaders across all markets.

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H T Brigham & Co Ltd
Station Road  l  Coleshill  l  Birmingham
West Midlands  l  B46 1JQ

Tel: +44 (0) 1675 463882
Fax: +44 (0) 1675 467441