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Our Top 10 Festive Facts


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Rapid prototyping at H T Brigham adds value for customers  


The benefits of 3D printing have been widely reported; fast, low-cost and kind to the environment. This rapid prototyping allows working concepts to be ruled in or out more quickly, speeding up the development process and reducing the project lead time as a whole. 



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Working with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we can manufacture metal pressings from a wide range of metals, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass, to suit the end application and environment.

Stainless steel is anti-corrosive and resistant even in moisture-rich environments. Where regular or coated steel will deteriorate, stainless steel pressings will retain their cosmetic good looks and performance qualities, making them the ideal choice for applications where appearance is a factor, such as vehicle interiors, white goods, and electricals. Stainless steel pressings rarely need any post-production finishing or coating, often making them a cost-effective option.

We can manufacture metal pressings from mild steel, stainless steel, HSLA, aluminium, copper and brass

Cleaning, polishing or plating service available

If component needs a finishing operation, H T Brigham offer a wide range of options to meet your requirements

A range of post-production services are also available

HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel contains small levels of alloys within its chemical makeup, giving the material a higher strength than regular steel. This increased toughness means that lighter gauges can be used for component manufacture to achieve the same result, creating component weight savings and the associated benefits.

Aluminium is a popular choice for the manufacture of metal pressings where an aesthetically pleasing finish is required. This, combined with high strength and light weight qualities, makes it ideal for the manufacture of components which need to be both durable and to look good. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable, resistant to corrosion and has the ability to conduct heat and electricity.

If your component does need a finishing operation, H T Brigham can offer a comprehensive range of options to meet your requirements. Please talk to us if your metal pressings require cleaning, polishing or plating.

A range of post-production services are also available, including mechanical assembly, resistance welding, drilling and tapping. This ensures that your components perform to optimal levels according to your specifications.

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H T Brigham & Co Ltd
Station Road  l  Coleshill  l  Birmingham
West Midlands  l  B46 1JQ

Tel: +44 (0) 1675 463882
Fax: +44 (0) 1675 467441